instant tarot reading with Delina in Europe on the train

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harmonic alchemy using instant tarot readings from Delina
emotional robot using instant tarot reading from Delina, in Europe.

Are you someone who thinks dealing with people can be problematic?
Are you always looking for more self-knowledge and self-improvement?
Are you someone who recognizes avoidance, ignorance, indecision, confusion, escapism, tiredness, disorientation or dislike in others and or in yourself?
Is there a time in your life right now where you feel as if there is no vision, no curiosity or perhaps there's difficulty to obtain anything?
Are you in a relationship wondering 'why have we been put together?'
Are you in recovery? Or rehabilitation process?
Do you suffer from lack of sleep, lack of truth, forgetfulness and or stress?

What if it's possible to gain clarity again? Would you be interested in getting complete and sensible answers, the kind of advice that is personal and a perfect fit?

What if for some of you who live and breathe from the heart, you can receive guidance coming from the heart that is measured well?
You can get pointers and signposts for free.

If you want something fabulous that also has depth, or if you want to love everything you are told and if you want to be a very happy customer then...

the instant tarot card reading is for you. The initial process to obtain a reading is easy. The card reading itself is detailed, professional and impactful.

You are voting for an amazing instant tarot leader, and her penetrating interpretations will get you the exact thing that you ask for.

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instant tarot reading with Delina in Europe on the beach
instant tarot reading with Delina in Europe in the garden
instant tarot reading with Delina in Europe in the hostel
Instant tarot reading with Delina in European night club

Feedback from my clients

In the words of others 

lolo... Delina did not judge my views, even when they did not vibe with her own. She is an easy sounding board but would not enable you to head in the wrong direction. We talked about past lives, our galactic origins, intuition, higher selves, sacred geometry, and even quantum theory. My particular inquiry had to do with gaslighting, trusting, and communicating with my higher self, and my guides. The reading facilitated a huge amount of shadow work, healing my inner child, and opening my pathway to listening and trusting my higher self above all others. I am not the same person... I stand calmly at ease, in my own truth and sovereignty. No matter what your own abilities are in regards to the energies around us... Delina is very candid and that's important. I did not need someone to tell me what I wanted to hear. I wanted someone to guide me, in order to find my own answers and way forward. Engage her to read your cards. Lois...

Are you ready to

harness clarity, compassion, wisdom and intuition?

bargain easy, simple and direct explanations?

ache for practical tips and tricks

Without forgetfulness getting in your way? 

instant tarot reading with Delina in Europe by the river